Hi ! I'm Pavan

A graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Specializing in product design, I am a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in sustainable design. I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE. I am currently part of the design team at Blue Goji, working on the development of an Omnidirectional treadmill. In addition to my focus on human-centered design and mechanical design processes, I am also expanding my knowledge in machine learning and statistical analysis for engineering problems.
My industrial experience includes projects as a product design engineer, where I contributed to the structural design of an oxygen concentrator, resulting in a reduction of size and an increase in efficiency. I have experience in the fabrication and assembly of PSA oxygen plants, and led my group to a sustainable design. In addition to my industrial experience, I have conducted research on the Fluid-Structire Interaction study using open-source tools. My research aims to help reduce the cost incurred in these studies due to high computational power requirements by promoting the open-source tool providing debatable solutions to the existing tool. With a strong background in product design and a focus on sustainable solutions, I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of Mechanical Engineering."


University of California Berkeley

Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering 23'

Manipal Institute of technology, MAHE

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering 22'


  • I enjoyed challenging myself through designing multiple projects and successfully completing internships as a product designer, manufacturing and fabrication engineer, QA/QC member, leader.

    • Omni-Directional treadmill

      Product Design Engineer

      Developing an Omni-Directional treadmill with virtual reality integration which allows users to traverse in any direction for improved rehabilitation outcomes, emphasizing efficency in every aspect

    • Rumifico- Sharing Memories

      A project in collabration with HP mentors to engineer a device which facilitates the interactions between parents and children who have moved away for college

    • Oxygen Concentrator

      Product Design Engineer

      Developed and designed an Oxygen Concentrator using PSA technology, considering functionality, space, and aesthetics through design thinking & DFMA principles.

    • PSA Oxygen Plant

      Product Manager

      Coordinated and Managed over 40 members to efficiently deliver the product to the client. Implemented Non-destructive and Pneumatic pressure vessel tests.

    • Understanding the gravitational effects on boiling through machine learning

      Investigated the impact of gravitational forces and Marangoni effect on boiling heat transfer of water/2-propanol mixture using machine learning and genetic algorithms for optimized solutions under varying gravitational conditions.

    • Optimizing Solar PV Cell Organization using Neural Network Modeling

      Designed neural network to optimize cell organization for improved system performance. Validated model using data and analyzed power output for best combinations.

    • Modeling Boiler Performance using Neural Network in Solar Thermal Power Plant

      Explored operating parameters and developed neural network models for a boiler[like the design in PS10 solar thermal power plant in Seville, Spain]. Trained model using real-world data sets of flowing boiling water in a vertical tube at 4.0 MPa saturation pressure

    • FSI study of Arterial Model using open-souce tools.

      Developed a study promoting the use of open-source tools, SimVascular, in medical image modeling and simulations instead of costly standard methods, improving accessibility and cost-effectiveness in the field of medical research and education.

    • Enhancing Thermal Efficiency in Turbine Blades through Heat Transfer Analysis

      Examined heat transfer in turbine blades through modeling and experimentation of E423 airfoil under varying conditions, aiming to learn how to improve thermal efficiency by the Optimizing design.

    • Optimizing Engine Efficiency Through Thermal Design

      Designed a 6-cylinder radial Pneumatic engine on Autodesk Inventor and utilizied principles of thermal mechanics to increase efficiency through volume optimization of the cylinder head.